Monday, September 26, 2011

Software Testing News - 26 September 2011

  • .net add inn
    Hi every one, I need .net add inn for qtp 10 please help me in this, thanks in advance. mail id Ph:9538576776
  • Comparing two excel files
    Hi guys... i want to comapre two excel files. the requirements for that are as follows. 1. First get the sheet count in both files if the count is not equal then exit and print the result. 2. copare the row count and column count 3. have to comapre the fonts,cell color,image etc. 4. have to compare the data in the files(row wise) Note # wherever it fails then immediately it should show the error output and exit from run. i have seperate code to get the count of sheets, and comparison of cell by cell that too for comparing…
  • how to get scripts
    how do i get the scripts for Ankur Jain data driven and keyword demo?

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