Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Software Testing News - 13 September 2011

  • QTP Evaluation
    Hi , I am in the process of evaluation QTP tool to automate the testing process. I am downloading QTP 11 trail version and I need few clarifications. 1. Our legacy systems are built on C, C++ and these are desktop applications We are re-writing into Visual Studio 2010 .Net with Silver light 4.0 My question is , will QTP recognize objects built on Silver light ? 1. How much it will cost if we want to buy Single license, I need some approximate cost including yearly maintenance charge Srini
  • WPF and Infragistics
    Hi, my application is in WPF and infragistics, i have added WPF addin but it is identifying only combobox and textbox it is not identifying other objects any idea what can be done? and for infragistics I have downloaded Test advantage it is not identifying my infragistics grid any thoughts? please share
  • QTP does not record the first step of the Flight application
    Hello all, I am new to QTP. I am using windows 7 and QTP 11.0 demo The problem is : When I start to record for the Flight application, QTP only records from the Agent name and password. Its not recording the 1st step to select the flight application. (Start -> All Programs -> HP QuickTestProfessional -> Sample Applications -> Flight). I have chose all the correct settings. After clicking on Record button, I select these : Web ---> Record and run test on any open browser Windows Applications ---> Record and run test on any windows based applications. Please…
  • Test Automation - is this becoming the sole domain of a developer?
    Hi all,   After spending time successfully on different contracts and test automation, I actually began as an outright tester and learning automation skills.   As I look through job adds etc I find prospective clients are wanting developers to fill the position for test automation. Is this a more prevalent trend within testing circles or is this something which developers are being more favoured especially with open source test tools?    

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