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Software Testing News - 27 August 2011

  • Are STC groups really useful, or are they just dividing the discussions?
    STC groups are available for a couple of years now. From a short query I see that most of these groups have less than 100 registered users, and judging by latest post dates, activity is not blooming. I am wondering if these actually contribute to STC activity, or just block it.   Groups require us to visit more links - not only the General discussion forum, but each and every group we have joined. On the other hand, other STC members who do not belong to that specific group, cannot contribute to it's discussions. And tracking all these newly…
  • STC post field does not work well with Google tool bar Spell-Checker
    Since English is not my mother tongue, I often use Google tool bar Spell-Checker, to verify I am not making too many mistakes in my posts. Unfortunately, it seems like Google tool bar Spell-Checker can check the STC title and tags fields, but not the post field itself (no matter if in new post or reply to an existing discussion). Instead of getting a blue background behind my text, with marked faults, all I can see when I invoke the check, is a blank post. When I release the check mode, all text reappears - seems like an incompatability…
  • Opensource Tests / Test Cases - or Why do we keep inventing the wheel ?
    Opensource Tests / Test Cases - or Why do we keep inventing the wheel ? This is an issue which I raised about a year ago, and already appeared in ProfessionalTester magazine editorial by Edward Bishop, I have been testing and managing test groups in the Telecom/Datacom arena for over 17 years now, Whenever I join a new company, I am surprised of the amount of "rework" I need to do. From finding and adapting Test Management tools, redefining working methods, writing those same drivers to standard test equipment, up to re-writing tests for generic issues. I wish to…
  • Conditional Statement (If.......else)
    hi....... In my application, the values changes dynamically in i tried to use the concept of conditional statements........ Say for eg: Have a field named as customer,...By default, the drop down list contains "select...and Add new"..when ever user adds the customer in add new, the value changes dynamically..How can i overcome this using descriptive programming of QTP. The following conditions be applied for this scenario...... 1.Once the customer name is added in add new, second time i want to select the add new and add another customer(in different name) at run time.. This has to repeated for six customers..…
  • Cannot identify the object "[ WebList ]" while using descriptive programming
    Hi Here,for the weblist I am giving ordinal identifier,and I am passing the value for the property name and I am giving one default value too. "Browser("opentitle:="&result,"application version:=internet explorer 7"). Page("title:=RETS Server(.*)","index:=0").WebList("index:=0","name:="&Ty,"select type:=ComboBox Select"). Select "TypeGmd"". but it always gives the following error, Cannot identify the object "[ WebList ]" (of class WebList). Verify that this object's properties match an object currently displayed in your application. [I checked with the object spy,It has the correct value what i entered here] Any help? Thank you Uma
  • QTP & VMs & Screenshots
    I am running 2 VMs to test multiple suites of cases [30-60 cases/suite]. Within the scripts there are verification points captured by screen shots [either a success or a failure]. These are copied to a shared drive, linked to an e-mail message so that managers can view the results and screen shots. There appears to be an issue where I am getting entirely black screen shots. - If the VM is 'disconnected' from a local machine almost always the screenshots will be entirely black. - If the VM goes to sleep, it requires a password to log back in. In…
  • Testers learning to code
    I'm not here to say whether testers should learn to code or not, but I came across this website that currently teaches the basics of coding in a very nice, cool, friendly and easy way.  It may be of use to testers who want to learn the basics.  I'm presuming more courses will be added in the future.   However, on the topic, for those that have learned some kind of coding, how did you go about it?  Any useful or recommended books/websites/resources...?
  • What's the best way to keep updated on the latest & ongoing in Software Testing field?
    Hi All,   One more tricky question from my side? How can we remain updated on all the latest news and knowledge in out Testing field?   Often we don't have much time so that we can surf on net and read the articles on the current happenings in Testing field. Even sometime we are too busy in our jobs and daily routine that we are even don't bother to upgrade (or enhance I can say) our knowledge. Can anyone show some best way for this? Currently I am living in India and I haven't heard any of community…
  • The CAST Testing Competition
    I sponsored the testing competition at CAST, last week, awarding $1,426.00 of my own money to the winners. My game, my rules, of course, but I tried to be fair and give out the prizes to deserving winners. There was some controversy… We set it up with simple rules, and put the onus on the contestants to sort themselves out. The way it worked is that teams signed up during the day (a team could be one tester or many), then at 6pm they received a link to the software. They had to download it, test it, report bugs,…
  • Who says ET is good for Medical Devices? The FDA!
    In a new guidance document discussing the clinical testing of medical devices, the FDA includes a long section about the value of exploratory testing: The Importance of Exploratory Studies in Pivotal Study Medical devices often undergo design improvement during development, with evolution and refinement during lifecycles extending from early research through investigational use, initial marketing of the approved or cleared product, and on to later approved or cleared commercial device versions. For new medical devices, as well as for significant changes to marketed devices, clinical development is marked by the following three stages: the exploratory (first-in-human, feasibility) stage, the…
  • Join "Bug Hunting 2011" contest to win 5 tickets to attend international software testing conference
    By LogiGear CorporationHo Chi Minh City, August 15, 2011 – LogiGear officially kicks off the "Bug Hunting Contest 2011" to warm up the second Vietnam International Software Testing and Automation Conference (VISTACON 2011). Click here to continue...
  • AdvancedQTP Forums – Finalist in the 3rd Annual ATI Automation Honors Awards
    We are proud to inform you that our AdvancedQTP Forums has been named a finalist in the 3rd Annual ATI Automation Honors. The ATI Automation Honors is the industry’s original set of awards dedicated to software test automation and it recognizes tools, resources and practitioners that demonstrate excellence. Thanks to you, last year we won [...]
  • Details on QTP 11 Certification (HP0-M47)
    With the introduction of QTP 11, it seems HP is keen to change many things.  Earlier they used to come up with a new certification only after a gap of 2-3 years. QTP 11 was introduced in Sep’10 . In July 2011, HP has already announced the arrival of QTP 11 certification. QTP 10 certification thus becomes obsolete now. In case you are looking for QTP 11 certification read on… What are the major changes between QTP 10.0 certification exam and QTP 11.0 certification exam? In QTP 10.0 and earlier versions you need to take both QC exam(HP0-M31) AND…
  • Michael Hackett to Discuss Distributing and Outsourcing Testing in Agile Projects at ICGSE 2011
    By LogiGear Corporation Michael Hackett, co-founder and Senior Vice President of LogiGear, will share his research in a technical session called “An Industry-based Examination of Distributing and Outsourcing Testing in Agile Projects” at the 6th annual IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE). The session will present solutions to distributing testing in agile projects Wednesday, August 17th at 1:30pm. Click here to continue...
  • Automated Mobile Testing with QTP! (Free Webinar)
    At the HP Discover conference in June 2011, Perfecto Mobile and HP jointly announced a breakthrough solution for automated mobile testing within QTP, known as MobileCloud for QTP. Apparently, this is the only solution of its kind to offer fully integrated and automated functional and regression testing for mobile applications, on real devices, without ever leaving the QTP environment. Sign up here for a free webinar by Perfecto Mobile (hosting industry experts) and learn how you can automate your mobile testing in less time and with less effort using QuickTest Pro. QTP user interface with embedded MobileCloud add-in running…
  • Important Announcement: Site Migration Completed
    The site (including the forums) has successfully migrated to another host. After more than 4 years, we thought this is a good time to make also changes to the main site. These changes were made
  • Verify / ATI Conference 2011
          Venture Beyond The Abstract The foremost software testing and test automation event of 2011 is here! Held in Crystal City, VA from September 26th through the 28th, this conference discusses the most proven open source tools and how they work. Also, learn about the techniques that help to improve test automation ROI, how [...]
  • VISTACON 2011 - Vietnam International Software Testing & Automation Conference
    By LogiGear Corporation HCMC, July 14, 2011 – The theme of Vietnam International Software Testing & Automation Conference (VISTACON) 2011 will be “Advancing the Practice of Software Testing and Test Automation” held from December 6 -7 at the Sheraton Hotel. The event is hosted by LogiGear and MRD. Click here to continue...
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    M. Bar-Tal Holdings Ltd. (nickname: Sunscrit) is an Israel-based global provider of professional services and technologies in the field of test automation. The company was established in 2011 by Meir Bar-Tal, a veteran renowned automation expert, ex-CEO of Solmar Knowledge Networks (established: 2008) and from the founders of (established: 2007). The company’s mission statement [...]
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    Privacy Policy AdvancedQTP strives to offer its visitors the many advantages of Internet technology and to provide an interactive and personalized experience. We may use Personally Identifiable Information (your name, e-mail address, street address, telephone number) subject to the terms of this privacy policy. We will never sell, barter, or rent your email address to [...]
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    Welcome to AdvancedQTP’s Community world. This world is dedicated to the world-wide QTP Community, and will contain blogs, forums, chatrooms, and other tools that will help you to better integrate into the community, get help, and support it to the best of your abilities. Currently, you are welcomed to proceed to our Q&A forums, to [...]
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    Welcome to Advanced QTP - The Resource Hub for all your QTP needs!   AdvancedQTP Forums – Finalist in the 3rd ATI Automation Honors Awards! August 9, 2011 – We are proud to inform you that our AdvancedQTP Forums has been named a finalist in the 3rd Annual ATI Automation Honors. The ATI Automation Honors [...]
    By LogiGear Corporation Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam: May 23, 2011 – LogiGear held its inaugural graduation ceremony certifying 16 teachers upon their completion of the “Software Testing Train-the-Trainer Course.” Five universities including University of Technology, University of Science, Lotus University, University of Technology Education, and Information Technology HUFLIT participated in the first of many LogiGear teacher training courses. This training is the first step in LogiGear’s mission to provide high quality software testing training for IT university instructors. Click here to continue...
  • Honored Contributors
    Tarun Lalwani, founder of and author of QuickTest Professional Unplugged, is one of the most prominent contributors to the worldwide QTP community. Tarun is a passionate automation developer, eager to help others with his knowledge. As such, he conducted several seminars on various Automation topics, and also contributed more than 85 articles on KnowledgeInbox [...]
  • The Founders
    Editor’s Note: This page is in honor of the original founders of and of SOLMAR. The information below on SOLMAR is no longer relevant as the company ceased its business operations on February 28, 2011.   SOLMAR Knowledge Networks   SOLMAR is a global provider of professional services that range from consultancy and integration, [...]
  • Stack Overflow DevDays is Back!
    Stack Overflow DevDays, the universe's best conference series for coders, is back, and it's bigger than ever! Here's the idea behind DevDays. You're a developer. You'd love to learn all the latest hot new technologies. Things like DVCS, HTML 5, Node.js, CSS3, Hadoop, etc. The stuff the cool kids are all talking about on the playground while you're stuck in the basement somewhere grinding away on Java Enterprise Visual Basic. The idea behind DevDays is a fast, high-bandwidth, fire hose tutorial on at least ten interesting concepts. We'll assume that you're a developer, you know what a loop is,…
  • NY State Passes Marriage Equality Act
    Need to hire a really great programmer? Want a job that doesn't drive you crazy? Visit the Joel on Software Job Board: Great software jobs, great people.
  • QTP blog is 10,000 subscribers old. Here’s an offer for you.
    It’s a great feeling really. We have surpassed 10,000 RSS subscribers.   It means any article that is published on our blog goes to at least 10,000 people via email or RSS feed. We achieved the 1000 milestone back in 2008 and here is how the journey has been since that time. This would not have been possible without the support and encouragement from readers like you. Special thanks to LearnQTP forum moderators Saket, Basant, Niranjan and Sridhar who have helped thousands of forum members with their valuable answers and helped in keeping the LearnQTP forum clean. What’s the offer?…
  • Modern community building
    The Stack Exchange network is already up to 51 sites on diverse topics, from math to cooking to science fiction. Each site is a community on its own, and each community has its own needs and values. Pouring a big fat algorithm in equal measures on top of 51 different groups of people does not always work the way you might hope it would work. Maybe that’s why the super-algorithm companies (like Google) tend to suck when they try to build social applications. Our goal as a company is to incubate each of these 51 communities—to get them to critical…
  • Installing QTP’s trial version
    I get at least 10 emails every week with the same question – “What license keys do I need to install the trial version?” I thought instead of writing an individual response each time, I will write a blog post on it so as to settle this once and for all. Watch this short video on how to activate trial version of QuickTest Pro. Please remember that you don’t need any license keys to activate your trial. In this video we assume that you have already downloaded QTP, started installation and you’re on the penultimate screen of QTP’s installation…
  • Help us organize the next Stack Overflow conference
    We’re working on a series of two-day Stack Overflow conferences for the fall: “What’s this conference about? The idea for the original DevDays was to have high-bandwidth, intensive introductions to a wide variety of new technologies… the kinds of technologies that everybody wants to learn but doesn’t necessarily need to use on a project right now. Last time, it was things like iPhone development, Python, jQuery, Google AppEngine, etc. This year, we’re asking you. So far, there’s a lot of interest in DVCS, HTML5, and Node.js.”   Need to hire a really great programmer? Want a job that doesn't…
  • Lunch
    What do you do for lunch every day? Where do you eat it? With whom? I’ve been on teams that eat together every day, and it’s awesome. I’ve been on teams that don’t, and lunch every day is, at best, lonely. A lot of big tech companies have cafeterias, either free (Google) or cheap (Microsoft). At these companies, some teams actually make an effort to eat together every day. But a lot of teams don’t. If you wander around these places at lunchtime, you’ll see some large groups, a lot of pairs of people who have scheduled a “lunch…
  • The podcast is back!
    Jeff Atwood and I have resumed our weekly podcast, formerly known as the Stack Overflow Podcast, now known as the Stack Exchange Podcast! Here are some ways to find us: On iTunes. If you have an iPhone or iPod that you sync to iTunes, you can set this up to automatically download every week. iTunes link to Stack Exchange Podcast On SoundCloud. SoundCloud is sort of like a sound version of Twitter, a very cool way to subscribe to audio. Stack Exchange Podcast on SoundCloud Or you can simply subscribe to the Stack Exchange Blog, where the podcast will…
  • Stack Overflow (the company) is now Stack Exchange
    The snack room at Stack Exchange got a wee upgrade today: Find out why (and read to the end to find out how to get your own StackExchange sticker) at the Stack Overflow Blog. Need to hire a really great programmer? Want a job that doesn't drive you crazy? Visit the Joel on Software Job Board: Great software jobs, great people.
    By LogiGear Corporation Da Nang City, March 12, 2011 – LogiGear Corporation will officially open its Software Testing and Research Center in the Dana Book Building at 76-78 Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City. The opening ceremony will welcome representatives from Da Nang and Duy Tan University as well as government agencies. Click here to continue...
  • Update: QTP Forums
    QTP Forums has seen an enormous growth since we launched it in Jan 2008 and now has more than 4200+ threads and 14000+ posts on various topics in QTP. With growth, this forum became a target for spammers dropping all sort of Viagra, sex, health links in their profiles and signatures. This created a maintainability issue for us and we had to spend lot of time cleaning such links on a daily basis. Last weekend – Feb 12th, 2011 -  we pruned all users who had 0 posts AND were more than 90 days old. This has bring down…
    By LogiGear Corporation Warsaw & Wroclaw, Poland, April 2011 -- Michael Hackett, co-founder and Senior Vice President of LogiGear, together with VictO Academy, will give test engineers in Poland a global understanding of exploratory testing. The two-day classes will take place in Warsaw 4-5 April and in Wroclaw 6-7 April. Click here to continue...
  • Details on QTP Certification v10.0
    As some of you may know since August 1st, 2010 HP has stopped offering QTP certification for v9.2 and have instead started certification for QTP v10.0. Here are the details in case you wish to get registered and certified in HP QuickTest Professional. There are two levels for HP QTP/QC certification – AIS and ASE. AIS is a beginners level certification exam while ASE is an advanced level certification exam.  You can take ASE only when you have successfully qualified the first level ie AIS. For the purpose of this article we will discuss the steps to take AIS…
  • Automating Word Documents Part-3
    We have already learned the basics of automating word documents with QTP in the previous parts(Part 1, Part 2) of this series, using which you can achieve your required tasks easily. In this part, I would like to give some common examples that can be used as per the requirement. Compare two Word documents Dim Doc1, Doc2, oWord, oCompared Doc1= "C:\Test1.doc" Doc2= "C:\Test2.doc" set oWord = createobject("Word.Application") oWord.Visible =true set oCompared = oWord.Documents.Open(Doc2) oCompared.Compare(Doc1) oCompared.Close Above example uses word’s in built feature of comparing documents. Extract all words from  Word document Below example demonstrates to extract all the words from…
  • Automating MS Word Documents – Part 2
    This is in continuation with Part 1 of the series on Automating MS word with QTP. So, by now- you must have got some basic idea on automating MS word. Let us now go deeper into it and see how we can create a table in a word document. A table helps you in aligning text in a word document. Inserting a table also helps in a case when you want to display some kind of information in tabular format. Use “table” method of your doucment to add a table into your doucment and then using cell, you can…
    By LogiGear Corporation HCM City (PRWEB) November 20, 2010 -- A survey of the world’s top 100 outsourcing cities has ranked Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, at number six in the emerging city’s list. The Tholons Global Services Top 100: A Study of the Top Outsourcing Cities looked at locations in 49 countries across 10 defined regions. Cities were benchmarked against six broad categories, each with its own weighting. These categories were: skills and scalability, savings, business environment, operational environment, business risk and non-business environment. Click here to continue...
  • Automating Word Documents: Part 1
      A new three part series on Automating Word Documents with QTP by Saket Kumar.  Many of us are familiar with the concept of using Excel Sheets in our tests. It could be either using QTP methods like Import sheet, Import, Export etc. or using the instance of COM component to deal with an external excel sheet. If you are an experienced QTP user, you can probably mange it do whenever you need. You can refer earlier posts by Ankur for Excel and QTP Part 1, Part2, Part3 for using Excel sheet. This article focuses mainly on automating Word…
  • Happy Diwali
    It’s Diwali (the festival of light) in India today. Here is wishing All LearnQTP readers a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali! Post from: Learn QTP Happy Diwali Related posts:Wishing you very Happy Holidays!
    By LogiGear Corporation HCM City, October 4, 2010 -- Michael Hackett, co-founder and Senior Vice President of LogiGear, will share his views about human resource training and development in software testing during a panel discussion about Vietnam’s burgeoning software testing and development service industry.  Part of Michael responsibilities at LogiGear is to lead and direct the corporate training and education programs; he has a unique view to share with aspiring entrepreneurs who will attend the panel and explore a question: “Can Vietnamese companies move up the value chain and bridge the gap in skill competency and training?” Click here…

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