Saturday, June 18, 2011

New About Google - 18 June 2011

  • Fridaygram
    June 17, 2011

    By Scott Knaster, Google Code Blog Editor

    When you search with Google, you use words to create your query. That basic fact changed earlier this week when we launched Search by Image. This new feature is well-described by its name: you just hand Google an image, and it searches for similar images on the web. You can try it out by going to Google Image Search and dragging one of the sample images into the search box. This is handy for figuring out the names of things, such as buildings, paintings, and logos, or for finding images
  • Our team shares what’s next in Docs in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything”
    June 17, 2011
    Earlier this week, five members of our team held an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A on Reddit, a popular social news community. While we get to hear from you on the forums, Twitter, and our blog regularly, we thought it’d be fun to experiment with something different.

    In the IAmA subcategory on Reddit, a poster starts a thread by saying “I am a...” before allowing Redditors to freely ask questions. After introducing ourselves -- product managers Scott Johnston, Jeff Harris, and Ronald Ho; engineer DJ Lee; and me, the community manager -- we gave
  • This week's Trends: downbursts, Canucks, and finger tutting
    June 17, 2011
    Each weekday, we at YouTube Trends take a look at the most interesting videos and cultural phenomena on YouTube as they develop. We want take a moment to highlight some of what we've come across this week:

  • Getting Started with the Tasks API on Google App Engine
    June 17, 2011
    This is cross-posted from the Google Apps Developer Blog

    Last month, we launched the Google Tasks API, which received a very warm welcome in the developer community. Google Tasks stores tasks that users enter via Gmail, their mobile device, calendar, or iGoogle homepage. The Google Tasks API provides developers with a powerful set of API endpoints for searching, reading, and updating Google Tasks content and metadata.

    To help all of you get started using the Google Tasks API, we wrote a new hands-on tutorial: Getting Started with the
  • AdWords API JavaScript library - Getting started
    June 17, 2011
    Recently, we launched the AdWords API JavaScript Client library. This blog post discusses its basic usage by explaining the GetAllCampaigns example.

    Including required scripts

    AdWords API JS library comes with the following compiled scripts that you can include in your web page:
    • awapi.js: This is the AdWords API JS library, combined into a single script.
    • v201101.js: This is the compiled script for AdWords API v201101. There are compiled scripts for each supported API version.
    • config.js: This is optional; if included

  • Happy Birthday AdSense
    June 17, 2011
    AdSense is turning eight years old tomorrow! Growing to over two million publishers worldwide since our launch in 2003, we want to thank all of you for helping us expand and thrive.

    As we celebrate AdSense, we want to share our appreciation for all the AdSense publishers whose innovation has made the last eight years so successful. The Google Display Network is comprised of many AdSense publishers like you: those who offer useful and engaging content for your community and serve as an effective channel for advertisers to connect with audiences
  • Protecting users from malware hosted on bulk subdomain services
    June 17, 2011

    Over the past few months, Google’s systems have detected a number of bulk subdomain providers becoming targets of abuse by malware distributors. Bulk subdomain providers register a domain name, like, and then sell subdomains of this domain name, like Subdomains are often registered by the thousands at one time and are used to distribute malware and fake anti-virus products on the web. In some cases our malware scanners have found more than 50,000 malware domains

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