Thursday, April 7, 2011

Software Testing News - 07 April 2011

  • I think I’m having a Gene Amdahl moment (
    April 6, 2011
    [This post is by Andy Rubin, VP of Engineering —Tim Bray]
    Recently, there’s been a lot of misinformation in the press about Android and Google’s role in supporting the ecosystem. I’m writing in the spirit of transparency and in an attempt to set the record straight. The Android community has grown tremendously since the launch of the first Android device in October 2008, but throughout we’ve remained committed to fostering the development of an open platform for the mobile industry and beyond.
    We don’t believe in a “one size fits

  • Fixing the little things
    April 6, 2011

    Ever since I joined the Gmail team, my friends have been eager to tell me, "I love Gmail! Except for this one thing..." And every day, Gmail users share their "one thing" that would make Gmail better for them through our suggestions page. While we enjoy creating new solutions to old problems with features like Priority Inbox, those little annoyances and missing pieces are important, too. Recently, we've rolled out several small tweaks to Gmail to show it a little extra love.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, start your editors! Registration now open for Google Code Jam 2011
    April 6, 2011
    Imagine you’re a ninja, trying to master your deadly grappling hook. Or perhaps you’re a chess grand master, outsmarting your opponent’s every move. Or even a Taoist philosopher, explaining the deep truths of the world to your followers.

    It’s situations like these that you’ll face in Google Code Jam, our annual coding contest in which some of the best coders from around the world write programs to solve tough algorithmic problems. We believe that one of the best ways to sharpen your coding skills and stretch them creatively is through healthy
  • Statewide SketchUp Pro for K-12 schools
    April 6, 2011

    K-12 schools all over the world are using SketchUp. Ask any 7th grader if they’ve heard of it and they’ll say something along the lines of “SketchUp is awesome!” Shining examples of student work abound; take a look at Eric Yam’s space colony or Andrew Nathanson’s workshop presentation if you’re looking for inspiration. We made this short video to highlight other great SketchUp work in K-12 education.

    Though lots of schools use the free version of SketchUp, we’d prefer that they get SketchUp Pro 8—there’s lots in the professional

  • New Interface Wednesdays: CrowdGather gets more efficient with the new AdSense interface
    April 6, 2011
    CrowdGather uses the new AdSense interface to efficiently track and improve performance across its large network of forums. is a leading, publicly traded network of online forums, consisting of tens of thousands of online communities. Sanjay Sabnani, CEO of Crowdgather, recently sat down with us to share his site’s story as well as some tips on using the new AdSense interface to track and improve performance.

    Inside AdSense: Tell us about the origin of your site
    Sanjay Sabnani: In 2002 I acquired my first forum, GenMay
  • Supporting our beloved science museums
    April 6, 2011
    I touched the moon. President Kennedy, NASA, and a museum put the rock that inspired my boyhood imagination into my hands and made me a “museumophile.” Since then, I’ve savored Wenninger’s polyhedra and the evolution of the astrolabe in London, analyzed Konrad Zuse’s pioneering computers in Munich, seen the original Earth globe in Vienna, toured a coal mine in Chicago, learned the secret of Samurai swords and measured a 50-foot tapeworm in Tokyo, learned the origins of oceanography in Monte-Carlo, studied Tycho Brahe’s astronomical
  • Our House testimony on combating copyright infringement
    April 6, 2011

    This morning the House Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition, and the Internet will take up an issue of critical importance to Google and the entire information economy: how to combat copyright infringement online and the sale of counterfeit goods.

    Kent Walker, our senior vice president and general counsel, will testify before the subcommittee and will offer recommendations for how to punish rogue foreign websites that violate copyright while protecting legitimate technologies

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