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New About Google - 15 April 2011

  • his week's Trends: Black and Beckham
    April 15, 2011
    Each weekday, we at YouTube Trends take a look at the most interesting videos and cultural phenomena on YouTube as they develop. We want take a moment to highlight some of what we've come across this week:

  • Duran Duran answers your questions in a live Q&A tomorrow
    April 14, 2011
    Tomorrow, Friday, April 15 at 2:30 p.m. PT/5:30 p.m. ET, YouTube Presents! Duran Duran live from YouTube HQ. Watch as the band discusses their pioneering role during the early days of music videos, talks about some of their personal favorite YouTube videos, and answers questions from fans. The event will be broadcast on Duran Duran’s YouTube channel.

    If you miss the live stream, don't sweat: the Q&A will be rebroadcast on Duran Duran’s channel immediately after it finishes.

    Sarah Bardeen, Music Community Manager, recently watched “US

  • YouTube highlights 4/14/2011
    April 14, 2011
    This is the latest in our series of YouTube highlights. Every couple of weeks, we bring you regular updates on new product features, interesting programs to watch and tips you can use to grow your audience on YouTube. Just look for the label “YouTube Highlights” and subscribe to the series. – Ed.

    This week on YouTube saw several new initiatives, especially in the realm of real-time content. Celebrities also embraced video this week to stand up for a good cause.

    Pencil us in
    What if you could easily find when your favorite band was
  • Googlers @ Women and Open Source: Panel Discussion
    April 14, 2011
    Last week the SD Forum held a panel discussion in Mountain View, CA entitled Tech Women: Women and Open Source. The discussion focused on explaining what open source is and how people can become involved in the open source community.

    The Speakers included Google Open Source Program Office’s Cat Allman, Automattic and Wordpress hacker Beau Lebens, LinuxForce’s Elizabeth Krumbach, and MeeGo’s Alison Chaiken. The panel was moderated by Janet Fouts, founder of the Social Media Coaching Center and Senior Partner at Tatu Digital Media

  • Custom background image themes
    April 14, 2011

    Themes in Gmail are great — there are tons to choose from and they give your inbox a personalized look. But we’ve heard from many of you who thought it would be even better if you could give Gmail an even more personalized look and create themes completely on your own.

    For a while, you’ve been able to set your own colors, and starting today you can customize your inbox with your own background image too.

    Just go to the Themes tab in Settings and choose “Create your own theme.” There
  • YouTube Copyright Education (remixed)
    April 13, 2011
    YouTube remains committed to protecting original creative works, whether produced by an established star or the next breakout artist. To keep this commitment, we’ve worked hard not only on powerful tools for copyright owners, but also to encourage good behavior from our users.

    Because copyright law can be complicated, education is critical to ensure that our users understand the rules and continue to play by them. That’s why today we’re releasing a new tutorial on copyright and a redesigned copyright help center. We’re also making
  • 4 Easy Ways to Find Meaning of Any Word with Google
    April 14, 2011
    Ofter while reading online, we need to find simple meaning of some complex word. For example, while reading about unfamiliar topics or in-depth article from McKinsey Quarterly, we may find some unfamiliar words in course and then we leave/misunderstand them due to lack of time. This is not at all advisable as a little misunderstanding with a word can change the complete meaning of the sentence.
    Being a Google oriented blog, we will solve with this concern with available Google tools. Here are 4 easiest ways to find meaning of any word:

    1. The Easiest Way – Using Google Dictionary

    Google Dictionary
    For any word, the simplest tool to use Google Dictionary. It is a dedicated site for finding word meanings, definitions, related phrases, synonyms and pronunciations. It also offers word bookmarking for remembering complex words and translations for better understanding.
    Note: Dictionary may not work in all countries. In that case try -

    2. Using define Operator in Google Search

    Define Keyword in Google
    Do you know that you instantaneously find the web meaning of any word by searching it on Google with define prefix. For example, try define:endogamy .
    To use this method, just write define: before your search word in Firefox Search Box or Chrome Omnibar (Address bar)and press Enter. You will be surprised to see its simplicity and usefulness.
    Related: Google Search Prefixes for better redefined results.

    3. Use Browser Addon or Extension

    Chrome Dictionary Extension
    This method is quite preferable as you don’t have to leave the page to check any word meaning. You can keep on reading and to find any word definition, just double click on it for fancy in-page popup.
    For Chrome, here is the official extension available from the Google team which works perfectly.
    For Firefox, try “Google Dictionary and Google Translate” addon. Though it is a third party addon, but words equally great.

    4. Hack Firefox Address Bar Default Behavior

    Firefox about:config Hack
    Previously, we have written about turning Firefox address bar into word lookup dictionary. You can use this hack to directly jump to result page of Google Dictionary.

    Mostly I use define: prefix in Google. Its easy, convenient and fast. Which method will you use? Tell us in your comments.

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