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New About Google - 12 March 2011

  • YouTube @ SXSW 2011
    March 11, 2011
    It’s that time of year again. Austin BBQs are prepping their short ribs while a vast array of musicians, filmmakers, and the tech-obsessed head down to the Lone Star State for SXSW’s Music, Film and Interactive Festival. And YouTube, of course, will be there!

    YouTube has been a home for independent artists of all stripes since its inception. Recently, we put independent and aspiring film-makers on the world stage with “Life in a Day,” an historic cinematic experiment to document a single day on earth. The film, directed by Kevin Macdonald, produced
  • This week in search 3/11/11
    March 11, 2011
    This is part of a regular series of posts on search experience updates that runs on Fridays. Look for the label "This week in search" and subscribe to the series. - Ed.

    When searching, sometimes you have a pretty good idea of what you want to see and what you don’t. With features like Google Instant and Instant Previews, you’re able to quickly scan results to find exactly what you’re looking for. This week’s changes continue to make Google more interactive so you can get to your desired search result even faster—whether you’re on the
  • Stopping the Gears
    March 11, 2011
    Last February, we let you know we were shifting our focus from Gears to HTML5. Over the last year or so, we’ve been working closely with other browser vendors and standards bodies to help define and standardize HTML5 features across browsers, and we’ve worked hard to improve these HTML5 capabilities in Chrome:
    • We implemented support for application caches, which are a great replacement for Gears’ offline features. App caches are already being used by web apps like the NYTimes app in the Chrome Web Store. There is also full-featured debugging

  • MHTML vulnerability under active exploitation
    March 11, 2011

    We’ve noticed some highly targeted and apparently politically motivated attacks against our users. We believe activists may have been a specific target. We’ve also seen attacks against users of another popular social site. All these attacks abuse a publicly-disclosed MHTML vulnerability for which an exploit was publicly posted in January 2011. Users browsing with the Internet Explorer browser are affected.

    For now, we recommend concerned users
  • SU + SXSW
    March 11, 2011
    The annual South by Southwest (SXSW) conference in Austin, Texas kicked off today, and for the first time Google SketchUp will be in attendance. We’ll be showing off some exciting new things we’ve been working on, so come find us on the tradeshow floor Monday through Thursday at booth 1322 alongside the rest of the Google crew.

    We’re also hosting a party with the Blogger team at Six Lounge on Monday, March 14th. Artists Justin Chin and Sunil Pant will also be on hand; they’ll be live-modeling a futuristic skyline for the city

  • Google Voice turns 2!
    March 11, 2011
    Since our first birthday, we’ve been working hard to bring new features to Google Voice and make it available to as many users in as many places and on as many devices as possible.

    As we mark this milestone, we want to thank all of our users in the Google Voice community. All of your support, feedback and stories have helped us improve the Google Voice experience.

    We’ve seen the product evolve significantly over the last two years. In the last year alone, Google Voice went out of invite-only mode and became available to all US users, we brought
  • Three years of Google + DoubleClick by the numbers, and video arrives on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange
    March 11, 2011
    In 2008, we acquired DoubleClick, and our efforts to make the display advertising landscape a better, simpler place for users, publishers and marketers began in earnest. Today marks exactly three exciting years together. The time has flown by, and we’ve made huge strides towards our goal, largely powered by DoubleClick’s technological and industry expertise.

    Here are a few of the things we’ve achieved in the past three years: we’ve offered people control over what ads they see on the web, created a new way for advertisers and publishers
  • Lunching, learning & optimizing in your city
    March 11, 2011
    Over the past three weeks, we’ve had the opportunity to meet a bunch of you in person. Through events in San Francisco, Mountain View, Charlotte and Atlanta, we’ve been able to see and optimize some incredible sites, as well as learn directly from you how we can continue to improve your experience with AdSense.

    In San Francisco, around 50 publishers joined us in our office to network with one another, work with our optimization specialists, and chat with members of our Policy team for our first AdSense in Your City event of 2011. Since San
  • Geek Time with Junio C Hamano
    March 11, 2011

    Junio C Hamano is a software engineer in the Google Open Source Programs Office who works on the open source project Git. Git is an increasingly popular distributed version control system that is used by many open source projects including Android, Chrome OS, and the Linux kernel. Jun is the maintainer and one of the primary authors of Git, with 4426 commits!

    Jeremy Allison, co-creator of Samba and fellow Open Source Programs Office team member, recently sat down with Jun for some quality Geek Time. Samba uses Git,
  • Hollywood comes to YouTube with "Girl Walks Into A Bar"
    March 11, 2011
    Combine some tinseltown stardust with a forward-thinking director and what do you get? Hollywood's first feature-length film created specifically for the internet.

    Presented by Lexus and now playing in the YouTube Screening Room, Girl Walks Into A Bar is a comedy about a seemingly unrelated group of characters spending a single night at ten different bars throughout Los Angeles. Directed by Sebastian Gutiérrez, the film stars (among others) Carla Gugino, Zachary Quinto, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson, Josh Hartnett and Emmanuelle Chriqui
  • Monday Monday, Was It Good To You?
    March 11, 2011
    So long, February. Hello, March! As we trade in red hearts and roses for shamrocks and clovers, one thing becomes immediately clear: Valentine’s Day is past. So with Cupid’s holiday in the rear view… was it everything you hoped it would be? We sure hope so!

    Query trends show that boyfriends/girlfriends and husbands/wives were much more thoughtful this year than last. In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, searches for flowers, gifts and greetings were up more than 30% over 2010. Following on the heels of a very successful holiday season,

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