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New About Google - 13 January 2011

  • App Engine team appearances Winter 2011
    January 12, 2011
    The Google App Engine team has launched some significant features recently, including: High Replication Datastore, Channel API, Always On, Warm Up requests, longer 10-minute (vs. 30-second) limit for tasks, and increased API call sizes. We are excited about these features and think you will be too, so team members will be appearing at a variety of events around the world this Winter to talk about some of these features and the platform as a whole! One of the marquee events this quarter include PyCon, the largest gathering of Python developers
  • Crazy Google Image Search for 241543903
    January 12, 2011
    Search for 241543903 in Google image (try here) and you will be surprised to see only images of people with their head into the freezer. The results are both crazy and funny, moreover they are not 5 or 10 but hundreds of such similar images occupying several results page.
    Head in Freezer - 241543903
    #. How it is possible?
    The concept behind such weirdness is really simple. Click pictures with head in freezer and upload them on internet/flickr with tag or name as 241543903. When Google indexes these images with similar tag, it starts recognizing 241543903 as a specific word and not some random number. This is a classic example of a community modifying image search results.
    #. Whose idea it is?
    According to reddit, this crazy idea is supposedly brainchild of David Horvitz originated on 7th April 2009. He started this a project and requested others to upload such images with 241543903 as name. He also posted the first image with such distinctive name on Flickr.
    #. What does cryptic number 241543903 mean?
    The number 241543903 was taken from the serial number of Horvitz’s refrigerator and barcodes from Udon noodles and Edamame. So it’s just like another random number but since now there are hundreds of images with this name, it now has special position on World Wide Web.
    This concept is also commonly known as 241543903-meme or Head-in-a-Freezer-Meme and is quickly catching up on Google.

    #. Is there any other meme like this?
    Mookdfjlal is another meme which is quickly spreading amongst Flickr users. This concept urges people to cover their head with pillow and upload the snapshot on Flickr with Mookdfjlal as tag.

  • Music videos now on YouTube app for Android
    January 12, 2011
    Starting today, we’re welcoming VEVO’s extensive library of official music videos from artists like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kanye West and U2 onto the YouTube 2.0 app for Android, available around the world. To watch these videos your mobile phone needs to be running Android 2.2 (Froyo). Although the latest YouTube native app comes pre-installed on many Android 2.3 devices (like the Nexus S), you can also install it manually by searching for 'YouTube' in Android Market and downloading the latest version.

    We’re also launching several new features
  • We fixed the shadow bug!
    January 12, 2011
    Earlier today, we announced a maintenance release for Google SketchUp 8 (free and Pro) that is a free upgrade for all SketchUp 8 users. One of the bugs we’ve fixed is the oldest and thorniest in our bug tracker. Most folks call it the “Shadow Bug.”
    Let’s roll back the clock a little bit before I explain the fix. In the spring of 2001, we introduced real-time volumetric shadow rendering in SketchUp 1.1. At the time, only video games were really doing this sort of rendering, and it was pretty exciting to see shadows cast from a model that you

  • An important update for SketchUp 8
    January 12, 2011
    Sometimes a haiku says it best:

    new SketchUp version
    shadows work much better now
    farewell artifacts!

    You'll want to download today's free update for SketchUp 8 as soon as possible. It contains (among a great many other things) fixes for for raster image export at high resolutions on Windows, and for the dreaded Shadow Bug. If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of millions of modelers uncorking Champagne to celebrate. Believe me – we're thrilled, too.

    Here's an overly-dramatic video that shows the Shadow Bug fix in living

  • A new look for Google Translate for Android
    January 12, 2011
    (Cross-posted from the Google Mobile Blog and Translate Blog)

    When we launched the first version of Google Translate for Android in January 2010, we were excited about the year ahead. For the first time, we were bringing the capabilities supported on Google Translate—like machine translation, romanization of non-Roman scripts and spoken translations—to the Android platform. We also offered voice input to let you speak the word or phrase you wanted to translate instead of typing it in, and SMS translation so you could translate SMS
  • Haiti, one year after the earthquake
    January 12, 2011
    It’s been one year since the 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, and governments and NGOs are continuing to respond, many using high-resolution images of the area. To support these efforts, we’ve updated our aerial imagery in Google Earth of the Port-au-Prince area to include images from before and after the earthquake, as well as made updates throughout 2010. These pictures provide an evolving view of the movement of people, supplies and rubble.

    To access this imagery directly, use the Historical Imagery feature of Google Earth.

  • New features now available in the new AdSense interface
    January 12, 2011
    Since our post announcing the open beta of the new AdSense interface, we’ve been working on a few additional features, listening closely to your feedback about how we can continue to improve. We’re very excited to announce a few changes that will further enhance your AdSense account management experience:
    1. We’ve changed the default metrics shown on the Home and Performance reports pages based on strong feedback that most of you prefer to view your earnings at the page level rather than by ad unit. As a result, we’ve switched back to page level

  • Now available: Google Places with Hotpot for iPhone
    January 12, 2011

    We recently released Google Places with Hotpot in Google Maps for Android, and starting now, you can have that same great experience as an iPhone app. We realize the importance of finding places you’ll love while you’re out and about, no matter what mobile device you use. And Places with Hotpot not only helps you find places near where you are, it gives you the best places to go for you by personalizing your search results.

    In case you aren’t familiar

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