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News About Google -14 December 2010

  • Announcing the “I Want my Google TV!” contest
    December 13, 2010
    If you’re like most people, you probably love watching YouTube videos on your computer. But what if there were a full-screen, HD version of YouTube available a channel flip away on your TV? Now there is, made possible by Google TV.

    Google TV brings television, apps, and the entire World Wide Web directly to your living room...so you can watch even more YouTube, only now on the biggest screen in your home. And because it’s the season of giving, the crew here at YouTube and Google are excited to announce a contest to give away 100 free 46” Sony
  • How to choose a new phone number (and 50 other things you might want to teach your parents)
    December 13, 2010
    With two grown children, my mom decided that one perk of empty nesting (in addition to a lack of teenage angst and a lot less laundry) was canceling our complicated family cell phone plan. When she signed up for a new plan, she also mistakenly signed up for a new phone number. This new number, for whatever reason, was one she could never remember (“too many 7’s” she insisted).

    With Google Voice, my mom can choose a new number by selecting an area code and then searching for numbers or words that she likes (and can remember!) to make up the remaining
  • Gmail web app for iPhone and Android in 44 more languages
    December 13, 2010

    Last year, we launched a new mobile Gmail experience for iPhone and Android-powered devices. Since then, those of us who use Gmail in English could go to gmail.com from our mobile browsers and get most of the same features we’re used to in the desktop version of Gmail — including search, stars, labels, and threaded conversations.

    Starting today, this updated version of Gmail for mobile is now available in 44 new languages. Check out the mobile blog for the complete list of languages
  • 你好, नमस्ते and bonjour to better mobile web Gmail
    December 13, 2010
    (Cross-posted from the Google Mobile Blog)

    There are many ways to get your Gmail on your phone. The mobile webapp version of Gmail (which you can get to by going to gmail.com in your browser) is the best way to get the most Gmail features on your iPhone or Android-powered device. Features such as search, stars, labels and threaded conversations all work in the mobile webapp just as they do in the desktop Gmail experience. Today, we’re bringing the latest version of our HTML5 webapp to 44 new languages.

    Before today, this new
  • Google Code-in Check-in
    December 13, 2010

  • How to create a vacation responder (and 50 other things you might want to teach your parents)
    December 13, 2010

    My parents have a history of bringing work with them when we go on family vacations. At first it was just a few paper documents to review at the beach...years later, a laptop...now a smartphone. They couldn’t let go for fear that a colleague might need to get a hold of them.

    My folks aren’t the only ones frightened by the prospect of missing an important message when they’re away from their inbox -- there must be millions of people with the same concern. Not everyone knows that Gmail can
  • TeachParentsTech.org: keeping tech support a family business
    December 13, 2010
    Every December for as long as I can remember, I’ve come home to something like this:

    If you couldn’t already tell, that’s a list of things my dad wants me to teach him how to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching my dad how to do stuff on his computer—and he’s fairly tech-savvy as far as dads go—but sometimes trudging through that to-do list gets tedious.

    Talking to fellow Googlers, I learned that I wasn’t alone in my role as the one-man family tech support team. In fact, I was hard pressed to find anyone who didn’t have a similar story
  • More power to metadata
    December 13, 2010
    Last year, we introduced structured custom search. If you mark up your pages with custom metadata attributes, you can render them with your search results, and also restrict results based on specific attribute values.

    Today, we’re happy to be releasing 2 additional metadata features:
    • Sort by Attribute: order search results based on values of specific attributes
    • Restrict to Range: only return search results with attributes within a defined range
    For example, if you mark up your pages with custom metadata attributes, like dates, ratings
  • How to share a big file (and 50 other things you might want to teach your parents)
    December 13, 2010
    Recently my dad, Eugene, asked me to help him backup all his pictures and files to avoid potentially losing important memories. The conversation that followed was interesting as I attempted to explain how great cloud storage was, but suffice it to say that my dad wasn’t convinced that sharing large files online was really that easy or seamless using just his Google account.

    I’m sure my dad isn’t the only one nervous about losing important documents. To help our parents better understand technology, a handful of us at Google decided to create
  • In a Multi-Device World--How Do Consumers Decide?
    December 13, 2010
    Tablets, netbooks, laptops--oh my! As the holiday quickly approaches, consumer electronics and gadgets are at the top of many consumers wish lists.

    To better understand how consumers are researching and shopping for laptops, tablets, netbooks and eReaders, Google and OTX interviewed 4,000 respondents and used analysis of clickstream data from Compete’s 2 million US internet users. The full study was posted on TechCrunch, and some of the highlights are below:

    New Devices Have Fueled Overall Interest in the PC Category
    In terms of unique visitors
  • ‘Tis the season for placement targeting: Don’t forget to optimize
    December 13, 2010
    We’d like to share a final holiday reminder about our placement targeting series and summarize the tips we’ve shared over the past few weeks.

    1. Make sections of your site available to be targeted directly by AdWords advertisers with ad placements. These easy-to-implement changes will make your website and channels more marketable to advertisers, which in turn will increase your overall earning potential.

    2. Market your website with DoubleClick Ad Planner so advertisers can easily locate sites like yours that match their target audiences
  • Share your community’s knowledge with the world
    December 13, 2010
    As an orkut user, I always considered orkut communities the best place to find the latest information about my favorite games or my football team. Members of these communities share amazing tips, they know exactly who the best players are, and make great points about who should be hired as a coach or player for each team. Even when I’m not looking for sports info, I know that orkut has tons of amazing information hidden in its communities. My friend planned her entire wedding mostly by the great tips and suggestions shared there, and another

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