Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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  • Comment on Review: Naomi Karten’s Presentation Skills by Peter Bowler


    This sounds like a good read for an industry speaker who’s also a subject matter expert. Knowing your stuff is one thing. Getting it across to your presentation audience is quite another. Thanks for the review, I’ll get myself a copy.
  • Who owns quality?


    I think I’m finally caught up and recovered from my brief North American tour last week. While it was fun to present at two conferences plus a customer talk in four days, I missed out on a the second day of both conferences, as well as the opportunity to meet nearly as many people as I would have liked. I thought I’d write a bit about something I heard more than once last week. I summed up my reaction in a tweet. I forget how often some companies blame testers for escaped bugs. It’s not their fault. My flippant…
  • Comment on A Learning Culture by 1 ano de Bluesoft Labs « Blog da Bluesoft


    [...] tempo depois me deparei com um post da Lisa Crispin chamado ‘Uma cultura de aprendizagem’ em que Lisa falava da importância de ter tempo para aprender nas organizações. Já tínhamos [...]
  • Comment on Review: Naomi Karten’s Presentation Skills by lcrispin


    Hi Anne-Marie, I do hope you will present more! I learn a lot from your writing. I hope you’ll also find the book helpful. I just loaned it to a coworker after I encouraged her to submit proposals to the Better Software conference. :->
  • Comment on Review: Naomi Karten’s Presentation Skills by Anne-Marie


    Hi Lisa, I’ve just ordered the book based on your comments. I’ve started doing more presentation. Like you I’ve been dreading the idea of speaking and have felt ill days before any talk. I think I’m slowly building up some confidence, and I think I will start enjoying it. I’m eager to know more & I think this book will really help.
  • World Tour - last chance


    Due to unexpected demand we’ve been working with the venues for the upcoming FogBugz World Tour 2010 (incorporating DVCS University) to find more room. We already have more than 3154 people signed up and in some cities, we moved to a larger venue to accomodate everybody. That means there’s still room in most cities if you haven’t signed up. If you come, you’ll see me give a demo of FogBugz 8.0 and Kiln 2.0, and we’ll give you a one hour introduction to distributed version control ... how
  • Personas


    I just finished a talk at QAI Testrek on using personas. Again, I do a horrible job evaluating how my own talks go, but people asked a lot of good questions at the end, and I didn’t swear too many times, so I’ll call it a success. The gist of the talk is that creating user personas is a great way to empathize with the customer and get inside their head (remember – you are not the customer!). I kicked off the talk with the A/B game I played at STAR East last year – this was a smaller…

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