Friday, August 27, 2010

New About Google - 27 August 2010

  • Easier event scheduling in Google Calendar

    August 26, 2010

    In the next day or so, you'll start to see some changes to the event page in Google Calendar which should make scheduling events easier. We've made the style more consistent with other Google apps, put information that’s most commonly used at the top of the screen, simplified the layout, and added some functionality.

    A new repeating event editor
    The old interface for creating recurring events was clumsy and took up too much space on the screen. Now you'll see only a summary of your recurring event

  • JibJab + Google Site Search = more laughs

    August 26, 2010

    The folks at JibJab are good at doing two things: Making people laugh and... Okay, so maybe we╩╝re REALLY good at one thing: Making people laugh. Finding the perfect birthday eCard for your friends and family has always been a priority for us here at JibJab. We all felt that search would be the perfect compliment to our existing browsing experience and then we discovered Google Site Search ... our wildest dreams were about to become reality.

    Seriously. We get

  • Google Buzz API adds Track and some improvements

    August 26, 2010

    Let's say you're really interested in coffee and tea and would like to know every time someone talks about them. You've been able to do that for the web with Google Alerts. Now you will be able to do the same thing for Google Buzz with our latest feature: Track. Plus, you can restrict your search to a specific geographic area! This API will allow you to enter a search query and from then on receive any new public Google Buzz posts—in real time—that match that query. It uses PubSubHubbub, which is the same open standard used by our fire

  • Google Realtime Search: a new home with new tools

    August 26, 2010

    When we first introduced our real-time search features last December, we focused on bringing relevance to the freshest information on the web. Our goal was to provide real-time content from a comprehensive set of sources, integrated right into your usual search results. Today we’re making our most significant enhancements to date, giving real-time information its own home and more powerful tools to help you find what you need. Now you can access Google Realtime Search at its own address, (the page is rolling out now and

  • In-cell dropdown and validation in spreadsheets

    August 26, 2010

    Today, we added in-cell dropdown and validation to spreadsheets. This makes it easy to constrain the values of an individual cell to a specific range or list. For example, if you are building a trip planning spreadsheet, you can now limit the options in the travel destination column to a select set of cities via dropdown lists.

    In-cell dropdowns also make input easier by reducing unnecessary typing and errors in processing. You can create dropdown lists in individual cells through the data validation tool by validating against a range of cells

  • Demystifying the app ranking criteria in orkut

    August 26, 2010

    Over the months, we’ve had many requests to explain the way we rank applications in the orkut directory. Developers often wonder why one of their very popular apps doesn’t appear as high up in the directory as they believe it should. Well, it’s not exactly magic but simple math, and we wanted to share with you how our algorithm works out the rankings.

    As you’d expect, we rely heavily on stats that tell us not only the number of users who have installed your app but also the number of users who actively use it. The number of installations is

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