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New About Google - 15 July 2010

  • Translating Wikipedia

    July 14, 2010

    (Cross-posted from the Google Translate Blog)

    We believe that translation is key to our mission of making information useful to everyone. For example, Wikipedia is a phenomenal source of knowledge, especially for speakers of common languages such as English, German and French where there are hundreds of thousands—or millions—of articles available. For many smaller languages, however, Wikipedia doesn’t yet have anywhere near the same amount of content available.

    To help Wikipedia become more helpful to speakers of smaller languages

  • SketchUp Pro Case Study: CLOUSTON Associates

    July 14, 2010

    As part of the ongoing SketchUp Pro “Down Under” series, CLOUSTON Associates have generously agreed to share some of their SketchUp magic with us. A Sydney-based Landscape Architectural practice with a staff of 35, CLOUSTON operates out of offices in Sydney, Darwin, Abu Dhabi and the Gold Coast. Associate Director Martin O’Dea explains:

    "Google SketchUp provides us with an ideal tool to quickly and easily visualize complex 3D problems. We find that our clients understand our ideas far more easily when they are presented in perspective rather

  • YouTube Summer School, Session 1: Matter & Motion

    July 14, 2010

    School’s out for summer, but around here we’re (nerd alert) still pretty excited about numbers, facts and learning in general. And it looks like we’re not alone. More than half a million people are now subscribed to YouTube EDU channels, and since October 2009 we’ve seen a 77% jump in channels and an 89% jump in videos on the educational platform.

    While summer often provides a welcome respite for students, we know that some are looking for ways to keep their brains active over the break. If you want to keep those math formulas fresh and foreign

  • Announcing the AdSense in Your City program

    July 14, 2010

    This summer and fall, the AdSense team is coming to visit you! In an effort to work more closely with our publishers, we’ve launched the AdSense in Your City program. As part of the program, members of the AdSense team will be traveling to five cities this summer to hear directly from you, as well as to share best practices, top optimization tips, and new products.

    Last month, we kicked off our first AdSense in Your City event in Mountain View, California. Sixty publishers came to Google to learn how to make more money with AdSense, to meet

  • Google Books goes Dutch

    July 14, 2010

    (Cross-posted from the European Public Policy blog)

    In recent months, I’ve got to know a group of people in the Hague who are working on an ambitious project to make the rich fabric of Dutch cultural and political history as widely accessible as possible - via the Internet.

    That team is from the National Library of the Netherlands, the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB), and as of today, we’ll be working in partnership to add to the library’s own extensive digitisation efforts. We’ll be scanning more than 160,000 of its public domain books, and

  • Our commitment to the digital humanities

    July 13, 2010

    (Cross-posted on the Google Research Blog)

    It can’t have been very long after people started writing that they started to organize and comment on what was written. Look at the 10th century Venetus A manuscript, which contains scholia written fifteen centuries earlier about texts written five centuries before that. Almost since computers were invented, people have envisioned using them to expose the interconnections of the world’s knowledge. That vision is finally becoming real with the flowering of the web, but in a notably limited

  • Convergence Brought Home

    July 13, 2010

    Convergence is an overused and misused term, but fortunately it’s back in vogue for all the right reasons at the Federal Communications Commission. Back in December, Google and others suggested that the FCC pave the way for the convergence of the Internet and the television screen in their National Broadband Plan. Such a convergence would increase innovation, enhance consumer experiences, and drive broadband adoption and usage. While the technical ability to access Internet and

  • Connecting a Google Account to your older YouTube account

    July 13, 2010

    Following YouTube’s acquisition by Google in 2006, new YouTube signups were given the choice between two different account systems to power their YouTube experience: the original YouTube account system (built in 2005) or the Google Account system.

    In May 2009, we started requiring all new YouTube usernames to be powered by Google Accounts.

    Now, we’re gradually asking all remaining pre-May 2009 users still using the older YouTube account system to connect a Google Account to their YouTube username. For now, it’s an optional step, but eventually

  • Introducing our Google Fiber for Communities website

    July 13, 2010

    In February we announced our plans to build experimental, ultra-high speed broadband networks. Over the past several months, our team’s been hard at work reviewing the nearly 1,100 community responses to our request for information—not to mention the nearly 200,000 responses from individuals across the U.S.

    Throughout this process, one message has come through loud and clear: people are hungry for better and faster Internet access. With that in mind, today we’re launching a new site called Google Fiber for Communities, where you can learn

  • App Tuesday: 10 new apps in the Google Apps Marketplace

    July 13, 2010

    While many IT departments spend the second Tuesday of the month patching the operating systems on their servers, Google Apps customers running their business in the cloud have some free time to evaluate and roll-out new applications. Lucky for them, today there are 10 new apps available today in the Google Apps Marketplace.

    Several of the new applications help you manage communications more effectively, from tracking contact with customers and partners to de-cluttering your inbox:
    • Bantam Live: Bantam Live provides easy CRM and team collaboration

  • Introduction to ReportDefinitionService

    July 13, 2010

    Reporting is an integral part of most AdWords API applications. To help you create and manage reports related to your AdWords campaigns, we introduced the ReportDefinitionService in the v201003 version of the AdWords API. In this post, we’ll cover the basics of working with the ReportDefinitionService. If you’ve used the v13 ReportService, you’ll notice that the new ReportDefinitionService differs in many ways from its v13 counterpart.

    Retrieving the report fields

    To create a report in the v201003 version of AdWords API, you pick a

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