Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Software Testing News - 26 May 2010

  • Yawz Boi


    Rapper sings about Kwame Kilpatrick. [youtube=] Uhm. yea. 'Yawz Boi' still rides with Kwame,’ that’s stating we support Kwame throughout all these so-called issues,” the 31-year-old performer said. “We’re […]
  • Bring up your Desktop in double-click!


    Today I offer a time-saving tip for those who has to work on multiple test desktops, including virtual machines. What do you do when preparing for your test session? Opening folders? Opening browsers? Opening test cases? Opening test reports? Starting application-under-test? If each desktop or VM is configured for a specific testing environment, the steps above probably become even more complicated. Opening folders: "Well.. let's click "My computer"..then Q:\ drive... then "Projects".. then..." Opening browsers: "What ip should I use, again? Is it 13.24.597.68:3397? " Would you like to have a magic button to bring everything up in one…
  • Mega Walk-In Drive for testing Professionals for Polaris Software on 29th and 30th May 2010 (Saturday & Sunday)


    Polaris has been developing software applications for the world's leading financial institutions for over two decades now and has been at the forefront of enabling radical business transformation […]

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